EMSO LogoEMSO is a large-scale European Research Infrastructure in the field of environmental sciences. EMSO will be based on a European-scale network of seafloor observatories and platforms with the basic scientific objective of long-term monitoring, mainly in real-time, of environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere, including natural hazards. It will be a geographically distributed infrastructure composed of several deep-seafloor observatories, which will be deployed on specific sites around European waters, reaching from the Arctic to the Black Sea passing through the Mediterranean Sea, thus forming a widely distributed pan-European infrastructure.

EMSO LogoESONET stands for European Seas Observatory NETwork, networking institutions, persons, tools and know-how on deep sea observatories. It aims to promote the implementation and the management of a network of long-term multidisciplinary ocean observatories in deep waters around Europe. It wishes to define an organization – with the necessary critical mass – capable of gathering the resources of the participating institutes. The ultimate goal is to define durable solutions through a joint programme of activities.

ESONET is Network of Excellence (NoE) cofunded by the European Commission in the Framework Programme FP6 with an European grant of 7M€ for 4 years (2007-2011) and an estimated total cost of ~50 M€. According to the European Commission definition of Network of Excellence, ESONET will overcome research fragmentation in Europe. Indeed, unifying European initiatives of observatories implementation in Europe, it involves:

  • 14 European countries,
  • more than 50 institutions and SMEs,
  • ~300 scientists, engineers and technicians

An ESONET observatory is a deep sea station linking marine sensors to the shore by acoustic or cable connection in real or near-real time. These observatories enable data acquisition on oceanological and climatological phenomena at relative high frequency.





















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